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I'm an English teacher and a current university academician with 10+ years of experience and I'm offering,
- IELTS General & Academic Module training,
- TOEFL IBT/CBT training,
- TOEIC training,
in a well-maintained and student-centered way. The course will have an ultimate focus on developing the four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) besides vocabulary and grammar and there will be constant development check with sample tests. At every step of the course, you will be getting the tutor's feedback and you will get one step closer to your desired band score.

- Eskişehir Anadolu University BA
- Istanbul ITI CELTA Pass B
- IELTS Academic 8.0 BS

- The first lesson will be a general presentation of the exam and needs and analysis therefore, it will be FREE.
- All sorts of materials will be provided in PDFs and it's within the student's initiative to print them.
- Material supplementation and feedback will be on the 'Google Classroom' teaching platform.
- Online lessons are delivered on Google Meet with the OpenBoard platform and 10% discounted!
- For the students desiring a band score of 7+ on IELTS and 100+ on TOEFL, the lesson fees will be renegotiated.
- One session is made up of 2 lessons along with the academic lesson policies.
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